Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hello, what's up? It's been a while since I last posted an entry here. I've been doing Tumblr a lot because Junot, an Indonesian actor, said that my blog was cool, so, yeah, you get the point! :D

I am safe and sound. I'm content.
Just dropping by to say hey!


Oh! I also have watched This Is It.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sad day.

Rest In Peace DJ A.M


Its really cool how you have cheated death so many times; the abuse, the drug addiction and the plane crash. It really described your personality as one hell of a lucky guy and how you have fought to live. But then no one's perfect and God has taken you back. I'm sure your neighbor is MJ there in Heaven. Rest in Peace, Adam Goldstein.

And happy 51st birthday, Michael Jackson!
It's a sad day; why does the good ones have to go so soon?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hee Hee

This is the art project that I've been working about. It's about Chinese Dynasty. It's a Jack.

I love school though waking up in the morning is definitely not the best part. You have to have something or someone to make you motivated to go to school. Well, I have something... and someone :). That's the best part. I think school is heaven on earth; if only for cute boys, assignments and iced tea. I don't have anything to tell here. My school life is aight, my family is quite aight too though my love life is a bit inconstant. Boys are very confusing. Especially him. I have to admit that I had a rocky friendship for the last 2 weeks but it was a stupid reason to fuss about, I'm glad that it's over. You have no idea how hard it is to write that paragraph. I guess I'm really not into writing these days. Grr, what happened to me?

I've been painting myself with charcoal and bold colored pens, trying to make a calligraphy which ends up really messy. It must be really cool to have a tattoo; I know I have always wanted one. I want a red bow like the one in the picture, though I want it on my back not on my hand. I want the word 'Meteor' on my hand; that'll be dedicated for MJ because I'm inspired by what Angelica Huston had said about MJ, and I always want to think about him that way. The last one I want is the word 'Invictus' its based on this poem by William Henley; maybe I'll post the poem later. Invictus means invincible, you know how I'm in love with that word.

Yes, this is the actual tissue... well more like handful of cottons that I use for my weepy tears. That's what's left of MJ in me, friggin fucking tears. Can't let him go. Naya, Adria, Avi, Nadhira and I love him too much. Of course the whole world too! :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Promise me, Madrid.


Timetravel Potato

Highschool baby. Yes, I'm officially a highschool student. It feels weird wearing this new uniform because somehow you feel so high, superior and just... different. The two weeks of highschool was not bad. I don't get why people have been complaining about it all the time because to me it's fine. Yes, there were homeworks and there will be homeworks, that's normal. We're just gonna have to get used to it because it'll be our daily routine. I'm gonna start loving highschool more now.
My bestfriends and I with our highschool uniform on :D

I have found new creations of art over the summer. Much more. And I love breathing it in and I love taking a sigh of every pictures and every colors.

I have lost the urge to write. And I hate it when I do that. Maybe because I'm feeling unnatural right now and still so upset from inside.

Me duele siempre que piense de él ido. ¿Cómo haga perdiendo un icono le hace se siente como perder una familia?
¿Cómo hizo él que a personas? ¿Cómo hizo él que a mí?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hats off to the King of Pop.

I'm sorry, this shit is just too amazing.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Michael Joseph Jackson.
He may be gone now but his music will never die. He's just that invincible.

Sweet dreams, Michael. We'll love you forever, that's a promise. Thankyou, you are the soundtrack of my life now, Michael Jackson.
"He was a meteor; his flame burned incredibly bright, and not for long but mightily" - Angelica Huston